Recent Projects Include:

A control system for a machine to spray glue onto the platen of a screen printing carousel. The machine automates the process so you dont have to stop production. It's main objective was to seal the spraying process and exstract away the fumes. Giving a better and safer working environment.
It also is much cleaner and the fluff from the material does not stick to the overspray. Making cleaning quicker and easier.
Race Starting Lights for the Deaf
A traffic light starting system for deaf athletes. The light is positioned on the running track beside the runner in the starting blocks. It can be foot operated and can link to multiple lanes, by the addition of more light box's. The lights are multiplexed to reduce power consumption and are battery operated. The system automatically goes to sleep, after a race has been started to conserver power until the next race.
DMX Control System.
DMX controllers can be a little over the top for some situations. Having a system to change between 12 different effects, at the push of a button makes it simpler. A microcontroller programmed with each effect you require, makes it quick and easy to change functions. Wireless connection over 6 chanels can also be added
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