Produced Between January 1989 & December 1992.
Two units were produced a free standing and a flush fitting ones. They were electronically identical and the ABS base box, they were fitted into, were the same. The only difference was the front. The flush fitting unit having an aluminium display panel, which was larger than the box containing the electronic circuit, while, the free standing unit had the original ABS box lid as the display area.

Ten Coloured LED's made up the display showing the battery charge levels from fully charge down to discharged. Each unit was individually calibrated to match the technical characteristics of 12 Volt leisure batteries.

The connection to the battery was easy as it just needed connecting directly across the terminals. The current consumption of the circuits was small enough that, it could be left connected all the time.

To obtain a true reading of the charge left in the battery a current of 3 Amps needed to be drawn from the battery. This was easily acomplished in the caravan because, the 12 Volt electric water pump draws approximately 3Amps. The LED that was illuminated then gave the user the amount of charge left in the battery.
 Within a couple of days of first use, the user can  establish exactly when to take the battery and recharge it. Alleviating, the chore of charging the battery everyday. So depending on the amount of devices using the battery the user has a good indication of how long the battery would last etc. especially if the weather was bad and the use of extra lights, TV, for longer periods was necessary.
Above left is the flush mounting unit and right is the free standing (or Hand Held)
The flush mounted unit has a front panel which measures 155mm x 85mm. The box is 43mm deep and requires a cut out for fitting of 120mm x 64mm. Which, incidentally is the size of the free standing unit which, is 40mm deep.
Included in the mk2 version was an LED to show if the unit had been connected to the battery the wrong way around.

The top 4 LED's are green in colour the middle 2 are yellow and the bottom 4 are Red.

As a result of each unit being calibrated individually it was reasonably easy to adjust the calibration. This was done on a few special units for ELECTRIC WHEEL CHAIRS and PORTABLE ELECTRO-MAGNET METAL CARRIERS.
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